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Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction in Men & Women That Can’t Be Ignored

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction in Men & Women That Can't Be Ignored

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction: Often partners indulge in sexual intercourse out of the feelings that they contain for each other. People find the act of sexual intercourse as a form to present love physically and often associate with mental and emotional satisfaction.

However, when an individual is unable to reach the final level of pleasure owing to numerous reasons, it is known as a problem of sexual dysfunction. It is a common problem and can occur in both men and women. Even though it is common if it happens to manifest in different ways in different people. It depends upon the different types and the causes that result in the dysfunction.

If you are facing problems in your sexual life, here are some signs that will help you gain clarity on whether you suffer from sexual dysfunction or not.

Common Problems Due to Sexual Dysfunction

Before discussing the individual factors, it is important to understand some common problems that are occurring in both men and women. These are as follows:

  • Lack of sexual drive or reduced sexual desire
  • Difficulty becoming aroused or feeling the need to have sex
  • Pain during penetration or indulging in an act of intercourse

Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms in Men

  • The rising inability to achieve or maintain a full erection
  • Facing problems like delayed or absent ejaculation when sexually stimulated
  • Premature or early ejaculation

Sexual Dysfunction Symptoms in Women

  • The inability to achieve orgasm
  • Experiencing vaginal dryness
  • Dyspareunia relates to experiencing pain with sexual intercourse that may be either due to a spasm of the vaginal muscle or due to the inflammation of the vulva


If you have symptoms of sexual dysfunction, consider contacting your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t panic and remember that sexual dysfunction is a common problem. You need not feel embarrassed or enter into a state of panic. See a doctor and get medical help.

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