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Role of Ayurveda in Balancing Tridosha

Role of Ayurveda in Balancing Tridosha

Can you imagine a life without water? A stupid question, right? Well, without air? 

Are you capable of thinking of a world without air, water, and earth? Not all at. This is because it’s what the Universe is made up of. 

According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, the basis of life of the whole Universe is water, air, fire, earth, and space. Without these five, life is not possible. Just have a look around. Everything you see occupies a space. You breathe in oxygen i.e., existence of air. Up to 60% of an adult human body is water. You are sitting, walking, moving on earth, and feeling warmth in your nerves, pulse & within the body. You’ve seen and felt these five elements around you within few seconds, then just imagine how much bigger part they are of this never-ending Universe. 

Just like this Universe, Our body is also a little universe to our soul. And just like this Universe, our body is also made up of these five essential elements. But According to Ayurvedic Science, there are three things that our body is made of.

These three things are called three doshas in the human body. 

  • The first one is Vata Dosha, the combination of earth and air
  • The second one is Pitta Dosha, the combination of fire and water
  • and the third one is Kapha Dosha, the combination of water and earth.

These can determine our health, personality & illness patterns. So, let’s get to know more about each Dosha and see how these Doshas are related to our health and lifestyle. 


Vata Dosha consists of air & water. This dosha in the body is associated with movement of our body, creativity of mind, ability to connect and communicate. So, imbalance of  Vata dosha in one’s body can cause abnormal movements, problems while communicating, cracks in joints, dryness in skin, pain in the body, bloating issues, gas problems, indigestion, sleeping problems, anxiety, depression, etc. 


This is associated with the digestion and metabolism of the body. Pitta dosha plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s heat and temperature. As this dosha consists of water and fire. Therefore excess of this dosha causes inflammatory disorders. It causes excessive bleeding in women during menstruation periods, hair fall, weak and bleeding gums, jealousy, anger, acidity, skin irritation & rashes, frustration,  fever, dehydration, etc. 


Kapha dosha consists of water & earth. It is associated with the structure, strength & lubrication of the body. The imbalance of this dosha makes the body excessively oily and causes blockage and congestion in organs, including our brain. It causes respiratory health issues such as coughing, throat infections, and sneezing. Also, it causes excessive weight gain, fatigue, fluid retention, asthma, diabetes, depression, and excessive sleep.


A balance among these three Doshas is needed for our health. Balancing all of these doshas in one’s body is termed as good health. The imbalance of these doshas is termed as bad health, which can lead to many diseases.  For example, if you are suffering from skin irritation, inflammation, overweight issues, painful menstrual cramps, abnormal bowel patterns, bloodshot eyes, and excessive sleep, then your Tridoshas aren’t balanced. 

In other words, an imbalance in tridosha can weaken the immune system and provoke our emotions such as fear, stress, anger, etc., resulting in illness. 


Changing your eating habits and lifestyle according to your own dosha analysis can transform your physical health and mental well-being.  Once you’ve gone through your own dosha analysis, you can decide what kind of things to avoid and add more to your routine.  The safest and healthiest way to balance three doshas is natural and ayurvedic.


After knowing what dosha is an imbalance in your system, you can balance that natural, healthy, and safe ayurvedic way.

If  VATA DOSHA   is imbalanced in your system, you should cut off all the vata-increasing foods, such as excessively sour food, refrigerated food, meat, sprouts, milk & milk products, kidney beans, spices, etc. Instead, you should eat desi ghee-enriched food. A calming body massage also helps in this. Regular walk & light exercise also works in balancing Vata Dosha.

If  PITTA DOSHA  is imbalanced in your system, it causes excessive heat and inflammation. So you should take food that helps give cooling sensations to the body, such as fruits enriched with water quantity like watermelon, and other juicy vegetables and fruits. You should avoid spicy food, meat, sour food, and over-sweetened food. It would help if you also cut off chili in your diet. You can also try meditating and doing activities that bring your soul peace. Try avoiding unnecessary negative things that spoil your peace of mind. Do things that you love to release happy hormones.

If   KAPHA DOSHA   is imbalanced in your system, you should avoid all oily and deep-fried food to control excess oil and Kapha dosha in your body. Limit the intake of milk and milk-made products. Try taking vegetables and salads as much as you can. 

Ginger tea warm herbal teas work wonders. Daily workouts and yoga are also effective for balancing Kapha Dosha. Regular fasting, warm water intake, and a good diet will help super fast. 


The Tridosha theory is an ancient ayurvedic theory and a scientific theory. The conclusion comes out to just adapting healthy routine habits, healthy eating habits, and a healthy lifestyle. Regular workout and looking after your daily diet and routine, mental wellness. That really can make any human do well in his life. If one is taking care of his physical & mental health, that person will comparatively do much better in his life. So, if you are also among those who are yet to start a healthy and happy living, what are you waiting for? Let’s make your body purely Tridoshic ( a body in which all the three doshas are balanced) and lead a happy, healthy life.

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