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Rakta Dhatu & Its Importance For Our Body

Rakta Dhatu & Its Importance For Our Body

Among the seven dhatus in the human body, the second main dhatu is Rakta Dhatu (Blood). It is the primary fire of the human body. Rakta means coloured and red. It is the carrier of the fire and invigorates the mind and the body. The word Rakta is derived from the Devnagri word Raj Ranjane which signifies the red shading. The job of this dhatu is determined in various angles like kala, matrujabhav twacha, avayavautpatti in garbhavastha, strotas, ashaya, marmasambandha.

Importance of Rakta Dhatu In Human Body

Blood is the most important part of our body. Without Blood, it is important to be alive. With the help of rakta or blood, all the other organs of the human body get nutrition. This metal or dhatu enhances the complexion and the knowledge that we get from the rest of the senses is also possible due to blood. Muscles (Mans Dhatu) is formed from blood. Nutrients of all the dhatus are mixed in the blood itself.

When this dhatu is healthy, a person will feel energized and when this dhatu increases in the body the heat in the human body also starts increasing. When the rakta dhatu in the body decreases, the body temperature also decreases. The Rakta dhatu is made up of the primary fire element. It has similar qualities like fire or Agni. It is hot, hard, rough, flowing in nature, light, dry, clear and sharp. The qualities of the Rakta Dhatu are very close to pitta dosha i.e made up of fire and a little water. In short, the health of the rakta dhatu plays an important role in determining the health of pitta dosha.

Increase & Decrease in Rakta Dhatu 

When the Rakta Dhatu increases in the body, the body heats up and Redness appears in the skin and eyes. Due to the deficiency of Rakta Dhatu, the blood vessels become weak. Due to its deficiency, the glow of the skin fades and the skin becomes dry.

Diseases Caused by Imbalance of Rakta Dhatu

The imbalance of rakta dhatu in the body leads to many problems. Some of the major diseases are as follows.

  • Leprosy
  • Blood Cancer
  • Bleeding From Female Genitals
  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Penis Ripening
  • Enlargement of the Spleen
  • Black Mole and Pimples on the Face
  • Shingles
  • White Spot
  • Jaundice
  • Joint Disease

We hope you have learnt a lot from this and now you are aware of the Rakta Dhatu. If you think you are also suffering from a disease that is related to the Rakta Dhatu Imbalance, then feel free to ask us. 

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