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Masturbation: Is It Good Or Bad & What’s Ayurveda Point of View on MASTURBATION

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When getting exhausted over a little or bigger reason or not getting the required relaxation, we try finding things to heal. Some talk to their close ones, some listen to music, some surf through social sites, and some ‘MASTURBATE’. 

Well,  What masturbation really is?

Masturbation (Hastmaithun ) is the stimulation of one’s own genitals with hands or sex toys in a specific manner to achieve sexual pleasure. It may include rubbing, stimulating, or penetrating one’s hands or toys inside or over the genitals to get the desirable orgasm. 

But, Is this safe? Apart from being wrong and right, we’ll discuss whether masturbation is really safe for you or not?

Is MASTURBATION Insignificant From an Ayurvedic Point of View?

According to Ayurveda, masturbation is not considered insignificant. In fact, it’s the most important aspect of our life, as we discover our deepest selves while doing this. 

Ayurveda asserts that there are three pillars that sustain a genuine living. These are Healthy food, heavenly sleep, and the desired amount of proper sex. Of course, the sex part can vary from person to person. 


You must have heard of people getting medicines and treatments to get rid of Masturbation. But, in reality, Masturbation is not a disease. It’s a dangerous addiction, just like drug addiction. Masturbation is the same as a drug. If taken in the right amount for the conventional reason, a drug can act as a medicine, a perfect cure. But, if taken in excess, it can harm you, hurt you, and spoil your whole life.

Does MASTURBATION Affect Sexual Ability?

Most of us think that our sexual drive has unending durability, but it’s not true. As we age, just like our other health-related things, hair turns grey and bones become weaker, our libido is also limited and finite, according to Ayurveda.

So, if done in excess, we can lose specific energy of our body, a discharge of our metabolic energy. That may lead to sexual dysfunction. Many males and females suffer from this problem. When they practice self-sex while watching porn, they get an erection or lubrication. But when doing with their partners, they don’t get turned on. This way, it can lead to sexual disability and bad sex life. As we want more by doing it in excess, we turn our expectations high, thus separating us from reality. And If done in excess or done with unclean hands, it can cause infections and damage our genitals. 

Is MASTURBATION Bad for Our Mental Health?

People often masturbate to get rid of stress, but in reality, it makes them suffer from stress and anxiety even more. It may sound surprising, but Masturbation can seriously impact our mental health. Watching porn and thinking of yourself in some imaginary scene can make you want more. And when you don’t get enough, it can seriously harm your mental health. Along with that,  it can lead you to the feeling of emptiness & depression. Most of us masturbate to escape from reality and run away from emotions. The worst thing it can do is suffer from a lack of concentration.

The right way to MASTURBATE?

Well, for doing masturbation the right way, you should:

  • Wash your hands and keep them clean as you will stimulate the most sensitive organs of your body. So try to go as hygienic as you can.
  • Don’t do it until or unless you can use other mediums to calm yourself, such as music, sleeping, reading some book, watching movies, or eating your favorite food.
  • Don’t watch over pornography & have orgasms as it’s not healthy at all for both your genitals and mind. It can lead to sexual dysfunction.
  • It shouldn’t be done to run away from reality and just sleep quickly. We should not masturbate to escape from reality, and we should do it to explore our bodies, to explore what really turns us on.
  • You can also opt for remedies that help you restore your natural libido as deemed by Ayurveda.

CONCLUSION: Am I supposed to Masturbate or Not?

So,  Masturbation in true senses is real self-talk to your body. It is a kind of thing to be done with passion. It’s not dangerous as long as you do it the right way. You can do it, but you should only do it to explore yourself, to explore what turns on your body the most? Knowing your body well can help you achieve a healthy orgasm in your sex life with your partner. But, It shouldn’t be done to run away from reality, to escape from emotions or just to sleep quickly

So, we hope this informative article has answered all your questions. Have a better sex life!

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