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Know How Buddha’s Hand Can Help You In Your Mood Swings

Know-How Buddha’s Hand Can Help You In Your Mood Swings

Buddha Hand, You must have never heard of this magical fruit, but it is truly a beneficial one. Being famous with the name Budhha’s hand as no other name would be better for it. It really does look like the open hand of lord Budhha as per the Buddhist faith. It’s also called Fingered Citron.

The scientific name for this fruit is Citrus medica var. Sarcodactylis. It looks like so many long yellow fingers protruding from the same end, like a dozen bananas. Because of its incredible citrusy smell, it’s used to manufacture perfumes.  Along with that, as it is enriched with so much Vitamin C, calcium, and dietary fibers, it also has some surprising health benefits. Let’s know what they are.

Health Benefits of Buddha Hand

“Buddha’s Hand Can Help in Your Mood  Swings” 

Helps ease menstrual discomfort: Menstrual cycles are part of women’s lives. But some women face so much pain, discomfort, heavy bleeding, and uneasiness during this period. It is a trusted natural remedy that helps provide relief in menstrual periods.  Its antioxidant and inflammation relieving properties are beneficial in calming the lower abdomen muscles and reducing pain. 

Maintains healthy BP: This fruit helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Also, it provides good cardiovascular health and carries a better circulation level preventing the chances of heart stroke. In addition, it relaxes and dilates the coronary blood vessels, thus lowering blood pressure.

Good for respiratory health: Consumption of Buddha’s hand is a quick relieving remedy in case of excessive coughing that produces catarrh. For throat health, coughing, cold, and other respiratory tract issues can be treated by eating Buddha’s hand. 

Immunity booster:  Polysaccharide present in this fruit helps stimulate and boost the immune system’s strength. It also helps to get rid of infections, flues, colds, etc., by making your immunity stronger. So, it’s good to consume in this era of various viruses. In addition, it speeds up the recovery time of patients suffering from any infection.

So, We hope you have got some thrilling information about Fingered Citron. Let us know which benefits surprised you the most. Have you heard of this fruit before or not? And if you want to know about other unheard fruits, let us know in the comments. We’ll come with exciting information about them.

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