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How to Keep Your Vagina Away From Infections

How to Keep Your Vagina Away From Infections

If you feel irritation, inflammation, itching, or a painful discharge, it’s a Vaginal infection. Infections down there are very common, but they can bother you alot. Although they are not very serious but, the feeling can spoil everything. So, here are some simple tips to keep your Vagina healthy and happy.

How to Keep Your Vagina Away From Infections

Don’t Overclean 

Well, it’s pretty obvious that infections happen when the organ isn’t cleaned appropriately, but in the case of Vagina, things are different. Or you can say Vagina is the smartest organ, and she knows how to keep herself clean.As it’s a self-cleansing organ, so you don’t have to put soaps, chemicals, scented cleansers inside or over your Vagina to clean it. Just a little lukewarm water is enough to clean it. Putting all the heavy stuff can disturb the natural pH of your Vagina and can cause irritation and inflammation.

Let your Coochie breathe 

Infections usually thrive in the warmest and most moist parts of the body. And the stuff we tend to wear like jeans, underwear, pants, tights, and all the stuff that makes the environment around Vagina even more warm and moist. It increases the chances of the Vagina growing yeast. So, all you need to do is choose something that keeps airflow easy. Wear cotton underwear. Cotton is made up of lightly woven fibers together, so there’s some space for air to exchange and circulation to be maintained. So, wearing cotton panties can help you to prevent infections.

Use Protection during Intercourse 

STI’s, Sexually transmitted infections can also be the reason for your vaginal infection. These don’t have symptoms, so you won’t know whether the person you are choosing to get involved in bed with is safe for your Vagina or not. So, it’s essential to use protection to move safely and smartly. If the person you are in bed has a penis, he must wear a condom, or if you are involved with a person with a vulva, she must be wearing a dental dam. This will make the intercourse safe and infections free.

Use Pantyliners 

Another most prominent reason for getting infections is wetness. Whether due to sweat, humidity, washing after peeing, or arousal, the moist can trigger yeast growth. So, using panty liners here is a smart move. It can help so staying dry and clean. 

Sleep with No-Panty ON

Say bye-bye to underwear if you have an active infection down there. Sleeping with panties on can help the infection worsen and slow the healing process. So, skip wearing underwear in case of heavily active infection.

Don’t experiment DIY’s on Your Vagina

There are a number of remedies floating around the internet that are best to avoid. Such as sitting in a vinegar bath, putting yogurt, coconut oil, tea tree oil, mustard oil, or some stupid creams inside your Vagina will fuel the growth of yeast and will make the matter even worse. So, the best thing to do is see a doctor. Vaginal infections are not fun, and you are not supposed to do experiments down there.

Wash your hands & toys before and after Masturbation

Not washing your hands and toys appropriately before putting them inside your Vagina is a straightaway invitation to all the bacteria and yeast. Washing your hands and toys before they play is as important as washing them after you are done.

These are some simple tips that can keep your vaginal discharge healthier and happier. So, take care of her, and she’ll take care of your mood.

Stay hygienic and keep your discharge happier and healthier.

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