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How Imbalance in the Shukra Dhatu Can Impact the Sexual Life

How Imbalance in the Shukra Dhatu Can Impact the Sexual Life

Shukra Dhatu is one of the Saptadhatus that is the essence of the human body. It is not dedicated to any single-gender and is present in both males and females. So, if you are aware of the imbalance of the Shukra Dhatu and the consequences, you need not confuse it with sperms or seminal fluid.

About Shukra Dhatu

The Shukra Dhatu is the seventh that is the last Dhatu to be made that forms the essence of the human body. Hence, we can conclude by saying that the Shukra Dhatu is the essence of all the Dhatus. It is well present and spread all through the body.

Functions of Shukra Dhatu

The modern concepts state that the Shukra Dhatu has its relation to the sexual power amongst the individuals, and further, it is related to ejaculation, erectile strength, the quality of sperms, and the semen.
In simple words, we can say that the balance of the Shukra Dhatu is important for the overall reproductive strength of the person.

Shukra Dhatu Impact on Sex Life

A common lifestyle disorder that is related to the Shukra Dhatu is Shukra Kshaya or as we call it the loss of Shukra Dhatu in simple words. The imbalance of the Shukra Dhatu can be understood by having a basic understanding of the common symptoms such as:

  • Loss of erection
  • Wrinkling of the skin
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Loss of concentration power
  • Weakening of muscles whitening of hair
  • Excessive and constant fatigue

The maintenance of proper care of diet and lifestyle is necessary if you want to maintain a healthy Shukra Dhatu.

Tips to Increase Shukra Dhatu in Body

  • Consuming milk and milk products daily is best for Shukra Dhatu.
  • Add ground almonds and pista in milk for good results.
  • Consuming the Ashwagandha powder has the best results on Shukra Dhatu in both males and females.
  • Consume Shatavari powder with hot milk as it has a great effect.
  • Consume a variety of fruits like dates, mangoes, figs, almonds, custard, and many others like Apple, strawberries,
  • Apple, nuts, almonds, cashew. Consuming these has a positive result in improving sexual power.
  • Try and include the maximum vegetables in your diet like spinach and cucumber. These also help to boost sexual power.
  • Consumption of fish like tuna fish, lobster, egg yolk also increases the Shukra Dhatu.


Ayurveda is a solution for different kinds of problems. The solutions are simple. If you suspect an imbalance in your Shukra Dhatu, try the steps and improve your health.

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