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Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Karonda You Must Know

Health benefits of karonda

Are you aware of a beautiful reddish-pinkish-whitish little berry that is delicious and has so many health benefits?

If not, then you are missing out on the most incredible gem of nature. It’s known as Karonda, a berry-sized flowering plant that can be taken both as a fruit and vegetable. It is also known as Carandas Plum and Bengal Currant. The scientific name for this species is Carissa Carandas

It can be used as both veggie and fruit. 

Uses of Karonda

It can be used in three different ways:

  • The fruit part is used in juices, pickles and chutneys for digestion benefits.
  • The leaves of this plant are used as leaf decoction to treat fevers etc.
  • The root part is used in medicines.

Health Benefits of Karonda

Along with being delicious, it also has so many health benefits. It’s used in juices. In Ayurveda, it is considered a medicinal herb. That’s why it’s used in pickles and chutney to aid digestion. Also, it is used in juices for flavors and health benefits. Being enriched with antibiotic properties kills viruses, bacteria, and cures infections. In addition, it’s a rich source of Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. 

For a Happy Abdomen: Karonda is a rich source of fibers. It is very effective in treating abdominal pains. Along with that, it also aids in digestion. That’s why it’s taken in chutney with food to improve stomach health. 

Good for Heart-Health: Its juice is considered very beneficial for heart health. It strengthens up heart muscles. Also, it protects us against the risk of a heart attack.

Tastier way to lose weight:  Karonda is delicious in taste and rich in fibres. So its intake makes the tummy feel full for a long time. Thus, its consumption can make us reduce weight easily.

Strengthen ups Bones:  Adding this to the diet will help make bones stronger due to calcium and iron.

Improves mental health: The presence of Vitamins helps stimulate the production of serotonin that enhances mental wellness.

Treats fever:  It has antioxidants and has antibiotic properties. In addition, its leaves are used as leaf decoctions to help bring down fevers and treat infections. 

Last Thoughts

We hope you have got all the exciting and beneficial info about this little colourful berry. So, do yourself a favour and get some Carandas Plums for yourself and your loved ones. 

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