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Breast Cancer – Causes and Symptoms

Breast Cancer - Causes and Symptoms

Breast cancer is the growth of some dangerous cells in the mammary glands. Males and females can both go through this. But, it has been estimated , it’s about 100 times more likely for females to develop breast cancer. It’s the most common cancer among females. It has been estimated that mostly older women have this cancer. 

It starts in the breast tissue. It develops when there are changes in the cells inside the breast, and those changes go abnormal and out of control. These abnormal changes usually form a tumor in the breast. Thus, it’s a complex disease. The types of breast cancer can vary, and so does the treatment. If two people have breast cancer, they don’t have to suffer the same. One can recover fast, and one might have to suffer from the worst. But if one gets to know about it early, it can work great for them to prevent the situation from getting worse and can protect them from the painful complications. So, let’s jump to the indications & symptoms that might save the person from something worse & painful.

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Well, to check out that, knowing how your breast usually feels plays a vital role. Apart from getting the regular screenings of your breast, you should also be aware of how your breast feels when it’s healthy and normal so that you can check out when there’s any change. In breast cancer, some show visible & noticeable symptoms, and some show no signs at all. 

Usually, the most common symptom of breast cancer is a little lump over there. But, a lump doesn’t always mean you have cancer. Well, usually, symptoms vary. So, let’s get to know about all the possible  signs of breast cancer:

  • You are more likely to feel a little hard lump over your breast. But, breast cancer is not necessarily always the hard lump. Breast cancer can vary from person to person, and it can be painless too.  So the lump can also be soft and unnoticeable in the beginning periods.
  • You can feel the swelling over some part of your breast.
  • Your nipples may turn inward rather than being normal and tightened up outside.
  • You may notice a discharge from your nipples other than milk. It can be a blood-stained or clear fluid discharge.
  • Your breast size may change in this condition.
  • You may notice that a little area in your breast feels different from the rest of your breast.
  • You may feel inflammation.
  • Your nipples can turn red, abnormally red.
  • You may feel pain in your breast.
  • Your collarbone area may feel some swelling over there.

Causes & Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

The actual cause of breast cancer development has still not been found, but some things can trigger cancer growth inside the breast. Let’s look up to those things and causes:

  • Excessive intake of alcohol.
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Exposure of breast to harmful radiations
  • Getting your periods started at an early age
  • Pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • Changes in Genetics 
  • Use of oral contraceptives
  • Having the first baby at an older age
  • Never being pregnant

So, these factors can make you more likely to have breast cancer.

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