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Avoid These Food Items If You Have Cough

Avoid These Food Items If You Have Cough

Cough, if it stays for longer then it can be irritating and can easily make you feel exhausted. There are several reasons behind cough problems. But if we talk about some of the main causes of cough then these are infection, pollutants and cold. Cough can be of two types, one is Dry Cough & the other one is Wet Cough. In both cases, the discomfort is the same.

There are some things that should be kept in mind when you are suffering from a cough. The main thing is our diet. If you are suffering from a cough problem then you should eliminate the food items that can make the cough worse. Below we are sharing some of the food items that must be avoided in the cough problems.

Food Items To Avoid During Cough Problem

Well, there are many food items that can worsen the cough and increase the time of self-healing. Most of the diseases can be reversed easily without any medicine. Check out the list of food items that must be avoided during cough.

Stay Away From Milk

Milk can increase the mucus n the body. Not only milk but the dairy products and consuming milk increases the growth of mucus in the respiratory tract. So, it is better if you avoid milk when you have a cough.

Fried Food Items Can Worsen Cough

Fried food items are one of the reasons behind several diseases. It is not good to consume fried food items when you have a cough. One can easily cure himself if he avoids fried food items. These food items must be replaced with green vegetables and other food items which are rich in nutrients.

Avoid Rice

Doctors say that rice has a cooling effect and has mucus-forming properties. In such a situation, it can increase the problem of cold and cough. This is the reason it is said to avoid rice when you have a cough.

No To Sugar

Sugar should also not be consumed if there is a cough problem. It works to trigger the problem of inflammation in the chest. Not only this, sugar can weaken our immune system and increase cough and cold.

Avoid Coffee & Other Caffeinated Drinks

People usually love to drink coffee. Be it office or home, a cup of coffee is the need of the hour for a working professional. But do you know that if you are suffering from a cough, it is better to avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks? Yes, it is true. Caffeine acts to dehydrate the muscles of the throat, which can increase the cough problem.

No to Alcohol

Like sugar, alcohol also works to increase the problem of inflammation in the chest. It is also dangerous for our white blood cells which slows down the healing process of the body.

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